What Your Closet Really Needs

If you are anything like our contributors, you likely are in possession of an amazing collection of clothing and shoes, and the struggle to keep an organized closet is real for addicts like us.  The chicest corner of your home should be inviting and pleasant as any other room, even for the often overlooked task of selecting the perfect ensemble to conquer your day.  As we accumulate more clothes for the Fall/Winter season and turn over our summer closets to storage for warmer days, it is the perfect time to check out our following list of curated storage products to inspire your closet makeover.

Beautiful bathroom with white mirrored floating vanity accented with white sheepskin vanity stool with lucite base paired with polished nickel sconces on white lacquered mirror.:

  1. Not just a vanity:   Add valuable counter space for jewelry and makeup products to facilitate your most demanding time crunches.  For better visibility and comfort, opt for additional lighting.

Organize a makeup and jewelry station with modular containers, use tine fabric sacs for jewelry, and fill a vase with sand to hold makeup brushes:

2. The amazing functionality of a makeup and jewelry box:  Stow-away your beloved makeup and jewelry in a neatly organized box.  For an extra bonus, a solid box with a hinged cover and lock conceals your valuables from dust and any happenings of opportune theft from malicious service or intoxicated house party guests.

{ garment rack + big beautiful mirror }:

3. The fancy mirror:  Before you start asking the mirror just how pretty you are, a closet cannot be complete without a full-length mirror to receive the full picture.

These are all so beautiful! I wouldn't be able to fill them though! Time to go shopping?!!:

4. The inevitable need to create space:  Fold, hang, and store clothing in storage units that maximize your closet space.  We recommend consulting an interior designer or closet specialist to do so.

Cardiff Tufted Armchair #potterybarn Looks nice in person but not enough cushion in the back for a good reading chair even with a throw pillow.:

5. The comfy chair:  A plush chair is inviting and a great place to lay out your outfit for the next day, not to mention, the perfect place to curl up and crash after taking your heels off for the day.