Sapphire Preferred Review


All you need to know:

– Insane Sign-Up Offer, $400.00 In your pocket or Book Travel through chase for a 20% Value Increase in the 40,000 Point Offer.

– Fast and Kind U.S. Based Service, Concierge Assistance Included.

– Killer Ultimate Rewards with No-Gimmicks Earnings & Redemption (2 Points/$ on Travel and Dining, 1 Point/$ on Everything Else.

– Increase Rewards Accumulation Even More/$ and Quickly via Ultimate Rewards Earn Faster Program along with 3 Points/Dining $ on first Friday of every month.

– Great, Well-Rounded Travel & Purchase Protection.

– Chip Enabled, No Foreign Transaction Fees.

– For the value, absolutely destroys American Express or Citi Prestige.

– Looks and feels fantastic, Chase knows how to make a card.

– Pairs well with American Express Platinum Card for Travel and Everyday Online Shopping.

– Excellent Average Credit Limit and a 15.99% APR.

– $95.00 Annual Fee, Waived First Year.

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If you are in the market for a new credit card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred offers a lot of bang for your buck.  Why?  If you call the number on the back of the card,  a live person from the U.S. picks up almost instantaneously.  On the phone, they are very pleasant to speak with and pretty much take care of all your wishes, including travel plans, payment mishaps and general questions.

Beyond that, Chase offers Ultimate Rewards, which are in our wallet, the best type of travel and everyday reward program out there – beating out American Express’s comparable Platinum Card and Citi’s Lesser Platinum Card Clone, Prestige, both on earnings and redemption options.

However, if you MUST get a high roller travel card to pair with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, we recommend American Express Platinum for a free Shoprunner account, Airline Fee Credit, Rental Car Discounts, and Free Boingo Wi-Fi.  Do your spending with Chase, and keep your Platinum Card as a key to access better deals for your Chase card (e.g. Shop through Earn Faster on Chase, yet get the free 2-Day Express shipping via Platinum Card’s Shoprunner perk or Discounted Rental Car).

Unlike American Express or Citi, Chase does not overwhelmingly devalue your points when rewarding yourself with a statement credit, gift card or 1:1 Point transfer to your favorite airlines or hotels.  Chase also provide you the option to do so, rather than take statement credits on select categories of purchases, such as American Express or Citi.  And if you book travel with your points via Ultimate Rewards, your hard earned points are worth even more!  If you do not have enough, you simply charge the rest to your card to ring in more points for the next time you travel.

And of course, the included travel benefits and protection along with purchase protection and 120-Day Return Period on a variety of products, it does not hurt to have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card in your wallet.

The first time you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and each time you redeem your rewards, you understand why you prefer to reach for this card over your American Express or Citi cards.

Get 40,000 bonus points with  Chase Sapphire Preferred®. Apply before February 28, 2015 at