Curating Topshop’s New Arrivals

Autumn weather is in full swing here and winter is coming quicker than ever.  Your wardrobe may be looking for a changeover soon and Topshop provides a starting point for some rocking silhouettes and textures to keep you abreast of the trendy local crowd.  This week

Face Perfection; Clarins’ Best Products

Tonic, Face Cleanser, Brightening Lotion, Anti-Aging, Wrinkle Remover, Serum, Extra Firming Cream, Treatment…, Yes, it is a long list we need in order to achieve the perfect face skin, luckily Clarins has a long list of iconic products for over 60 years, which are constantly improved

Juicy Weekends

We have to agree, one of the fastest ways to recover from a hard week of work or travel is to just unwind and get comfortable in quality relaxwear, and Juicy Couture are the masters and provider of what every woman needs to unwind in

Instapiration 10/9/2015

Today’s Friday Instapiration matched our rainy day mood; dreaming of Malibu surf, beachwear, desert nights, sunny yard days, bright colors, artistic textures, comfortable giddups, luxurious footwear, and Parisian avenues. We cannot wait to sprawl out for the weekend and relax, so hang in there, Friday

An Amazing NARS Lip Pencil

Finding the best lipstick is almost a mission impossible. Luckily, today we are about to share one of the best (if not the best) lip pencils on the market. High-impact and intense color, convenient, easy and precise application is all we need, and NARS Lip

The Eyeliner Situation

We are obsessed with wearing the perfect cat-eye makeup, but we first need to pick the best eyeliner in other to achieve such difficult objective. Eyeliner comes in many formulas, and it can be hard to pick the right one for you. To make it

Now! The Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

If there is one item that you want to invest in for the new season that can really make an impact on your look,  definitively a neutral eyeshadow palette is your best bet. Fortunately, this year are plenty of shadow palettes to choose from. Choosing

An Instawelcome to #styleswatch

Two years after launching Style Swatch, we are very pleased and excited to announce that we have officially created an Instagram user account to actively participate in everything that the Instagram community has to offer. View our welcome post and follow us below!   From