Now! Hair Trends 2015

Transform your look in 2015 by trying one or all of these hair ideas as seen on the Parisian runways.

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Natural waves – carefree, barely-there waves cascaded to free spirited, bohemian moment. As seen at Chanel.

Long Tails– ponytails went from high and sleek to looser and lower  to practically falling out. As seen at Oscar de la Renta.

Braids and Twists– try twisted row braids and  cornrowed buns to messy, classic plaits, because there is a braid for every skill level. As seen at Donna Karan.

Messy Buns– whether is shaped or soft hearts, or  full and classic, buns are an easy though perfect hair trend to try this year. As seen at Carolina Herrera.

Out of the Water– Shiny hair on the runways varied in degrees of wetness, going from lightly gelled to fresh out of the water. Part it down the middle, comb it back or pull it up in a tight bun. As seen at Versace.
Bombshell Blowouts – big, sleek blowouts and bouncy curls, referenced the ultimate sex symbol – Brigitte Bardot- and were the result of setting the hair in lots and lots of rollers. As seen at Diane Von Furstenberg.