How to Prepare a Traditional Fall Ensemble


It is getting cold!  Before you run out to the local shops out of desperation, spend some time checking out our curated Fall options for quality comfort, reliable performance, and noticed style.

Fall is for the Multitaskers

A multi-tasking gilet with a slender profile and neutral color palette should be among the first on your list as they are easy to layer, easy to pair, and will keep you both cool and warm enough throughout your daily errands.  Aim for an insulated and waterproof featured option as it will provide needed protection if the weather turns for the wet.

Barbour® Terrain Gilet

Terrain Gilet by Barbour

Sweating out the Decisions of Fall Dressing

A basic, monotone crew sweatshirt made of 100% cotton or wool will be your best bet for weathering the elements in ease and comfort.  If you already have a few of those options in your wardrobe, you can opt for picking up a similar option with a style element, such as texture or cut, such as the below cropped sweater option for the not so windy days.  The key to success is not compromising comfort or easy versatility.

BRANDY W Neps Black Sweater by ELEVEN PARIS

Scarf the Weather Down

The next item on your list is a key element in keeping you from catching a cold on a chilly day, and that is the scarf.  Pick up several as you find favorites.  Preferably choose a solid color, as well as, a patterned option to provide you easy pairing and a trusted spare to stow away in your daily transport or daily bag for an ill-prepared companion or in case of misplacement.

Barbour® Aspen Tartan ScarfAspen Tartan Scarf by Barbour

Picking Up the Legs

Staying protected from the elements while maintain an easy wardrobe that is available for any task, easy to dress-up, easy to dress-down, is the goal.  This goal to maintain comfort and versatility has a lot to do with your choice of bottoms; easy to change, easy to wear, easy to maintain.  A pair of loose fitting bottoms constructed of cotton or wool will do all of these things, if they have a stylish silhouette, durable material, and exquisite comfort and fit.  Not to mention, they will keep you generally warmer than leggings, as a looser fit will keep wet conditions further from your skin.

Mother of Pearl Navy Textured Rhea Lounge Pants

Navy Textured Rhea Lounge Pants by Mother of Pearl

Fall Boots that Actually Work

Another important option is weatherproofing your feet.  Heavy rain and early snowfall is synonymous with Fall weather depending on your location.  A comfortable, low-cut boot will keep the weather out and yourself in a comfortable place, no matter the task at hand.  Do not be afraid to go with color to brighten up your feet with a pop of color, you will stand out in the crowd, which is only another benefit for gloomy weather.

Sperry® Saltwater Quilted Duck Boots

Quilted Duck Boots by Sperry

A Touch of Confidence

Gloves are an often overlooked aspect of Fall fashion, the afterthought found alongside checkout lines everywhere.  Do your research ahead of time regarding fit, material, and grip.  If you are a heavy smartphone user or prefer to use gloves when driving, be sure to test the gloves for smartphone compatibility and steering wheel grip prior to committing to them.  A long glove is fun, stylish, and versatile by easily scrunching them down to add texture to any outfit.

MM6 Maison Margiela Red Long Wool Knit Gloves

Mm6 Gloves by Maison Margiela

Discover Your Daily Shine

Fall can be gloomy depending your location and one of the most overlooked aspects of Fall is color, despite recent color trends, black and grey remain a dominating factor in mainstream Fall fashions.  If you want to stand out as much as you did over the Summer months, opt for accessories and jewelry that glisten and sparkle.

Day Glam Chrono by Versace